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Ocktcom - Total Integrated Power Solutions
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Ocktcom Finance

Together, Himoinsa Power Solutions and Ocktcom are now able to offer its customers various finance options on new generator equipment.  By using this additional credit line customers can benefit from low initial outlay, being able to leave cash within the business helping with cashflow, a less expensive way to borrow compared to an overdraft facility and fixed rate funding.

What Products do we offer?

Contract Hire :  A minimum term lease agreement
Benefit of reduced rentals due to residual values
-  Rentals can also include maintenance
-  A worry free, flexible package
-  Payment for use not ownership
-  Off Balance Sheet funding
-  Rentals are tax deductible

Lease Purchase : A loan secured on the asset
-  Ownership passes to customer on expiry
-  Maintains balance sheet fixed asset value
-  Easier cash flow budgeting
-  VAT payable at outset in full

For further details on these and other finance options available on the purchase of new generator equipment please contact Ocktcom Sales Office 01789 722330.